»Qua ci vuol disinvoltura.
Non più smanie, né paura !
Di coraggio è tempo adesso!
Or chi sono si vedrà.«

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LIBERAinCANTO  5 July  – 11 July 2020

To apply, please fill in the online application form completely and upload the required documents.
Alternatively, you can also download the application form and send it via email with the required documents attached.

Application deadline:  15 May 2020

The application fee is:  EUR 30.00

This fee is non-refundable. However, if you are accepted to participate, it will be deducted from your overall fee.

The documents will be checked with care and every applicant will receive written feedback by mail with either an acceptance or refusal by no later than 30 May 2020.

Course fee:  EUR 820.00

Cost of the accommodation: EUR 560.00 (double room/full board)

Max. number of participants:   12





Until 15 May

1. Completed online application form with the consent form for the participant terms and conditions and the data protection statement; applicants must also send a CV (resume) in English, a current photograph, MP3s or YouTube links (with three arias, of which at least one must feature a recitative)

2. A letter outlining your motivation for applying

3. A letter of recommendation (optional)

4. A receipt evidencing the transfer of EUR 30.00. Please transfer the fee to the following bank account:

Nicola Beller Carbone
Bank: Volksbank Kur- und Rheinpfalz
IBAN: DE64 5479 0000 0001 5277 62



Alternatively, you can also email the required documentation to nbc@liberaincanto.com by 15 May 2020.

5. After receiving the participation confirmation please transfer the complete sum of EUR 1350.00 (the remaining course fee of EUR 790.00 and EUR 560.00 for the accommodation) by 15 June 2020 to our bank account. Please don’t forget to give your name and the reference ‘LIBERAinCANTO’ when making the transfer and bear in mind that any administration fees from your bank must be paid by you.

Before you book your flight we recommend that you read point 13 of the participant terms and conditions regarding the arrival and departure times.





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