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Nicola Beller Carbone wants to join you through COVID-19 times:
Ideas, advices, incentives how to study without using full voice.

Rhythm & Measure
Speak the text on the exact rhythm and memorize it

Next week Nicola Beller Carbone will start the serie #incantowithmask
Short Videos explaining possibilities to prepare an operatic role without using full voice.
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About Anticipation in Corona Time
Imagine the future
Registration to LIC, Stage Masterclass for Opera Singers is always possible


#confinhablo is a new Serie of IGTV videos on Instagram and Facebook account by Nicola Beller Carbone. How can we prepare operatic roles without using the singing voice? It can be helpful to enrich ourselves from the experience of this singer and actress, especially during the days of quarantine.

Patricia Illera, mezzosoprano and one of the first participants in 2013 of Nicola Beller Carbones Workshop InCanto Tignano is now permanent member of the Choir of Teatro de la Zarzuela. During the recent COVID-19 self quarantine imposed by the Spanish State, she recorded this song at home and we’d like to share it today as a sign of resistance, courage and hope.


Paul Curran, stage director and invited teacher at LIBERAinCANTO 2020
“Think faster”

Teaching Video #4: Nicola Beller Carbone about her method
“CHANGEMENT is necessary in art. Mastery is FLEXIBILITY.”


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