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Nur ein feiger Tropf verzagt.«

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Discover, structure & master your potential

The creation of ‘LIBERAinCANTO’ is the logical progression of the workshop ‘InCantoTignano’ (2013–2018), which was initiated by NBC. It stems from the great need to create places of artistic encounter. The opera business is increasingly demanding more than just musical and vocal talent; singers must now master acting and the creative dimension to equal measure. The job of a singer is associated with many clichés and the pressure of expectation. Paradoxically, however, one key requirement in order to even survive in this field is that singers can develop and maintain their very own artistic voice.

It is this requirement that the concept developed, practised and constantly refined by NBC successfully addresses.
The LIBERAinCANTO concept consists of the following elements:


Discover: Drawing & Invention
Reveal and shape insights into your character

Improvisation and the playful interaction with subtexts, away from metre, music and song, bring emotions to light, reduce inhibitions and build trust. After revealing the existing potential, we focus on the text of an aria or a song in recited form, like an actor. This process channels and focuses the discovered emotions. Only now will all this be incorporated into song; building on this what matters is noticing the body language and posture in the relevant emotional states.
Nothing is a must, everything is possible and permitted.


Structure: Proportion & Order
Compose the depth and shading of your character

The aria is given an emotional structure and order based on the preparatory work. The heart, body, mind and voice work together. Using the score, the libretto and your own emotions, you will create a clear and retrievable framework, which you will store sensuously and intellectually, like a choreography. This process stabilizes the artistic performance.

Master: Discipline & Freedom
Intelligently harness and play with the insights into your character

This approach gives the singer more than just confidence and recognition value for their interpretation; it also gives them the openness to implement a director or conductor’s ideas quickly and in an informed manner because being the master of an art also means retaining the ability to remain smooth and changeable, to view everything as an everlasting process, to discard anything obtained and to be able to begin from scratch. The goal of LIBERAinCANTO is the virtuosity of mastery.


“The foundation of art is primarily drawing and proportion; drawing is invention and proportion is order. These are the two pillars of sculptural art. Inventing and composing, those are the activities of the creative artist. It does not matter what kind of sculpture it is, the artist must know the rules.”
(Joaquin Torres Garcia)

(c) Nicola Beller Carbone


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